22 November 2011

Letters to Self :: 2009-11-17

1:46 am 

I saw you. Coming from your dorm, you passed by BK. I was there, at the corner of the glass windows. I saw you, but was too surprised to look at you that I suddenly bowed my head pretending to have not noticed. But I saw you. Aside from the scared feeling, I was anxious to know if you saw me too. Did you? From the seconds I caught a glimpse of your face, it seemed to me you had, but was just pretending you had not. Your face was saying some level of discontent, a dismayed look of seeing me there. But for the benefit of the doubt, perhaps you hadn't seen me there, because if you had you would have waved hello or at least tapped on the window to acknowledge the encounter. you would, right? Because that’d be the civil approach to such encounter.
But we didn’t. 
And that says so much about us.. back to being complete strangers. 


sir_mao said...

hmmm... i hope to have the same experience... just to confirm for myself if we are indeed back to being strangers.

Victor Saudad said...

Apparently, yung sa akin we are not strangers. He just sent me a birthday greeting this year.

I just wished he hadn't.