08 October 2011

Pagod, a drink, an invite, the afternoon, pleasant stroll, and Fabcasts

How's my weekend going down?
First of all... PAGOD. Yes, a week-long of stress. Gusto ko sana destress at  idaan sa inom, kaso it would only exhaust whatever energy left in me. Friends were tagging me along to Mercato tonight, but I declined. I sure am in the mood for goood fooood, but not in for mingling. Ayaw ko namang may masungitan, or else KJ lang.

About that drink, I've been craving for  a chillax drink since Monday afternoon. A bottle of wine, on a comfy couch, with Adele playing in the background...oh what joy! I like wine, how it gets to my head, and gives me a dreamy evening. I get good sleep, and wake up without any hangover, whatsoever. May inaya ako makainuman, kaso... hmmm. The whole week, nakaset na sa akin na iinom ako ng wine, mag-eenjoy makipagkwentuhan, at chill lang with probably good company. "Probably", because I was hoping to meeting a boy. I invited a certain boy for a drink, because I think it'd be interestingly fun. When I suggested the idea of a hangout, he suggested a drink would be nice. So I thought it would be great for our first meeting. Kaso,... hmmm. 

Honestly I don't mind when someone turns down an invite for a meetup.Kaso, wala ako naihandang alternative plan. Which brings me back to Mercato . Last minute plan lang this afternoon, sounded like a good idea. Kaso, di ako settled with the mood. Still want that drink. May nag-aya rin ng movie, kaso pagod nga lalo na mga mata ko... di ko lang maappreciate yung panunuod ng sine.

I ended up having a heavy Mcdo merienda-slash-late-lunch and chillax time with friends, still undecided with the evening plans. With hours to kill, a stroll with friends was just lovely for such a pleasant afternoon. We called it a day when night had settled in and I went back to my place. Now I'm stuck here. So I decided to listen to a few podcasts I downloaded the other day.

Interesting, I enjoyed listening to the FABCAST. Now I'm curious... Can I join in one of the sessions, and how? I really find it amusing, and wonder how fun it would be to be amidst such splash (no pun intended). And as I've mentioned before, about not having gay friends, I think it would be a good opportunity to enjoy such company. 

This entry is kind of pilit. IKR! Ugh! (wala lang maisip na stitch..)

Pagod ako and preoccupied with other stuff not present in this entry... plus for the past 5 hours nang open itong draft na ito since andaming breaks and pauses. My week is ending, with me in a ball in my bed. Though I would have much appreciated it to be in a different circumstance (say me in someone else's bed?),the lack of energy to grab a drink and get wasted will not be sane.


Tired. too tired.
off to bed.


Anonymous said...

It happens talaga that you wanted to blog but can say any word at all but at least the points is you still BLOGGED :D

Just dropping by pala :) I hope you could visit my blog too :))

lonewolf said...

Mahilig din ako uminom ng wine kasi mahimbing ang tulog pagnakainom and its good for our health din pero hwag lang sobra

Victor Saudad said...

@Lonewolf, yes pampahimbing ng tulog...something I currently need! :(
Recommended daily alcohol intake is only about 2 glasses of wine... but I want a whole bottle :(

V1nC3 said...

I love wines too! I like mine red + chilled. Haha. Yes, I'm weird that way. Happy weekend.

Victor Saudad said...

@V1nC3, since when did chilled red wine became weird?? I'm still craving for that bottle... unfortunately nalipasan na ko. I can only have on friday nights kasi.

And because of that, I'm having a shitty weekend. (of course, it's not merely the wine).

V1nC3 said...

Well, maybe you can be a lil lenient and allow yourself a glass, even if its not Friday. It wouldn't hurt trust me. Hehe. =)

Victor Saudad said...

That would mean I'll have to stock a bottle at my place? hmm...onga ano! haha! Well, I usually share a bottle with a friend.

Would you like to have a drink sometime? :)

Guyrony said...

Fabcasts are fun. You can ask anyone of them and they would surely love to join you in.

They are nice people.:)

Victor Saudad said...

@Guyrony, i have no idea where they hold their sessions. and I'm not even familiar who's who in the crowd, who to approach. I'll try dropping an email :) Thanks !