01 July 2011

The Ridiculist

Oh Anderson Cooper! >.<


Manech said...

Finally, I hear Mr. Cooper talk about phalluses. And being hugely sarcastic, to boot. The bitch can bite. Haha.

Also, that clip made me itch for a response vid. Something satirical. Cooper's statements were just too good of a material, one cannot just simply let them slide.

I mean, when he said

He is, for some inexplicable reason, kind of obsessed with hidden phalluses which he sees all over the Denver International Airport.

what I immediately thought of was:

So, how about you Anderson, where you do find hidden phalluses?

Viktor Saudad said...

I'd like to see that response video of yours :)

I don't really give that much concern for phalluses... but Mr. Cooper is just - ughmpf!

...sigh >.<